Trumps are Their Own Worst Enemies

Donald Trump has a lot of enemies, but ultimately he is his own worst. His ego and the arrogance with which he comports himself will ultimately be his downfall. 

Much of the information in this post isn’t new, but each day’s accession brings new clarity to what we witnessed in real time. One of the earliest and most notable actions was Donald Trump’s televised request for Russia to interfere in the presidential election: 

His shout out via tweet to Putin after President Obama’s imposed sanctions on Russia for interfering with the election, after Michael Flynn secretly called the Russian ambassador five times:

His admission that he fired FBI director James Comey because of the Russia investigation:

Donald Trump Junior is following in his father’s footseteps burying himself with his witless admissions to crimes of treason. The revelation of a June meeting he attended, with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, with a Russian lawyer whom he expected would provide him with dirt against Hillary Clinton may be the beginning of the end for this administration. 

An old tape shows the president was aware of the treasonous meeting:  

On June 7, 2016, at 5:16 PM – Don Jr. met with Russian lawyer whom he expected would give him damning information on Hillary Clinton. Four hours later, at 9:13 PM Donald Trump, at a press conference, promised to reveal dirt on Clinton the following week. 

The self incrimination continues. In addition to all of the above, last week at the G20 summit we have on tape 11 seconds of banter that could be interpreted in a number of nefarious ways. Putin points at the press and asks Trump if these are the ones “hurting him.” Trump confirms that they are, and the two chuckle. At the very least this is an attempt at intimidation. It is a direct threat to the First Ammendment of our constitution. Remember Putin is a man who murders journalists and those who criticize him. The short altercation could be interpreted as death threats to members of the press.

There are endless sources of illegal activity going back years. His infamous admission of sexual assault should have ended his political career, and likely would have without Russia’s relentless response leaking emails and bombarding the internet with propaganda related to them, which led to a re-opening of Clinton e-mail investigation a week before the election:

Donald Trump’s Russian conspiracy is this generation’s Watergate, but there is so much more at risk. Russia has infiltrated our political system. They will potentially decide who our leaders are going forward indefinitely. The way this is dealt with will determine the future of our freedoms and of America as a democratic republic. 


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7 thoughts on “Trumps are Their Own Worst Enemies

  1. He will go down as the worst President in US history. His family have inherited the same warped ethics as the father. How some voters still believe in this man beggars belief.

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      1. I hope so. I’m afraid that all of this is going to turn into the nothing they are calling in. In ANY other time and place, this would be a huge thing, but now? I don’t know anymore.

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  2. People didn’t want Hillary and Bill because they were crooked? What do they see when they look and Trump and his group? Oh, my gosh! And the Dems are looking toward impeachment? Can we just do it now and get this whole circus out of office?

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