165 Days 8 Hours 46 minutes of Trump

After 165 days in office, and 50 days on several different golf courses, Donald Trump’s biggest accomplishment, in my humble opinion, has been dividing Americans by color: blue on the left, red on the right, and the orange one has been on Twitter behaving badly and encouraging others to follow suit. 

After this Independence Day celebration I am left wondering when we will gain our independence from Vlonald. This is not the land of the free our forefathers had in mind. While we are not exactly under Russian occupation, there is a large Russian operative at work in Washington. 

Donald Trump would have us believe this Friday will be his first meeting with Vladimir Putin. Analysts are beating the what ifs to death: What will happen between Trump and Putin at the G20 summit in Germany? Has Trump painted himself into a corner? Will he attempt to offer Putin relief from sanctions despite the Senate bill that passed almost unanimously last month, limiting his presidential power to lift sanctions without congressional approval? Will Trump condemn Russia’s election meddling? Trump is in a no win situation according to various stories. 

If Trump reprimands Putin for interfering in the election that put him in office, I’ll eat Putin’s horse. I believe Donald and Putin will have a snuggle fest followed by a Trump instigated hand shaking fight with the leaders of the free world. He has to prove his verility to Vlad. Of course there will be a photo-op for propaganda news. 

Trump is surely disappointed in his hopes to gift Putin with the U.S. voter information his team attempted to assemble from each state in order to “investigate voter fraud.” It is more likely he wanted to allow Putin to select politicical wins in our 2018 and 2020 elections…again, my opinion. As those less conspiratorially minded believe, Trump wants the information for purposes of voter intimidation and suppression. Very few states cooperated with his illegal request, mine seems to be one of the few that is still undecided. 

In any case, the summit will be a distraction from talk of investigations. It has been said that wisdom sails with wind and time. Have we been sailing with enough wind?

According to Scott Dworkin, founder of The Democratic Coalition, there is progress with regards to Trump/Russia, however slow it seems. There is a wise team steering this barge. Besides the Mueller Investigation there are also investigations taking place with the House Judiciary Committee, the House Intelegence Committee, the Senate Judiciary committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Treasury Department, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the Department of Justice… there must be something there for all that. 

The subjects of investigation are: obstruction of justice, blackmail, money laundering, wiitness intimidation, conspiracy, collusion, and fraud. 

The following people, according to Dworkin, are now under investigation: Trump, Manafort, Flynn, Page, Don Jr, Jared, Epshteyn, Gorka, Cohen, Sessions, Nunes, Ivanka, Pence, Stone, Caputo, Gordon, Lewandowski, Eric, Tillerson, Wilbur Ross, Kingston, and Davis. 

I am attaching Dworkin’s newly released report for your perusal. He has been working tirelessly to compile the information, and hopefully with everyone working together, our Trump/Putin Independence Day isn’t too far off. 

The Dworkin Report: Evidence Tying Donald Trump to Russia



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