Let’s Not Bicker and Argue About Who Colluded With Who

Silence the messenger! The messenger has been imprisoned in the tower and accused of the crime of — not leaking through proper channels, more formally — charged with removing classified material and mailing it to a questionable online news outlet. 

Accused of copying said documents, using a work computer- easily traced, then mailing them from home- the postmark on the envelope gave that away, and finally the search engine history on the computer of the accused sealed her fate. As such, the bumbling suspect was arrested by the Justice Department on Saturday. 

The badly leaked and highly classified intelligence report had been acquired, copied and sent by a 25 year old Air Force veteran, a federal office contractor for Pluribus International of Augusta Georgia, Reality Winner (I guess that’s a name). She risked imprisonment yet provided little information we didn’t already have- Russian military intelligence waged a cyber war against United States in the form of an attack on the presidential election, and they won. 

According to said National Security Agency documents, in the days prior to the 2016 election, Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate conducted the cyber attack, focussing their efforts on an American software supplier, and sending out more than 100 spear-phishing emails to local election officials. 

The report implies that Russian hackers infiltrated further than previously disclosed, and that Russian government sources were explicitly involved. This contradicts statements by Russian President, and owner of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin. 

In conclusion, I lay at your feet the actual copies that tell us:

  • A– not only were emails hacked to sway public opinion, but 
  • 2– voting machines were tampered with, as were
  • C– voter registration rolls in key counties, in key states, tampered with, resulting in  voters denied their constitutional right to vote.  

Let the impeachment begin!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Not Bicker and Argue About Who Colluded With Who

  1. Well, Trump-read is a daily requirement now, if impeachment really is going to be part of it,(nodding in agreement) I think my avid book reading just may be on hold for some time…great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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