Dumb and Dumber Jr.

One of Donald (Sadam) Trump’s latest attempts to distract attention from this week’s upcoming testimony in which James Comey will implicate him for obstructing justice—an impeachable offense, Trump has directed his spawn to continue his one sided argument with the mayor of London. 

“Rather than the mayor of London attacking maybe he should do something about it,” ~Donald Trump Junior


What Junior (Uday) isn’t considering: 

  • Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, not his daddy, was attacked- first by terrorists, and then by Donald Trump who is failingly using the terrorist attack on London Bridge to further his unpopular political agenda. 
  • Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, has ignored Donald Trump’s twitter attacks because he has been busy “doing something” with regards to terrorism. 
  • Donald Trump is not the boss of Mayor Sadiq Khan of London.
  • Donald Trump Junior is supposed to be handling Trump family business affairs and have no part in politics, as per the Immoluments Clause of the Constitution, which pertains to conflicts of interest.
  • No one elected Donald Trump Junior to sit there with his natty over gelled hair and talk about London. In fact it is questionable, and increasingly unlikely, that anyone elected daddy to sit where he sits with his strange hair talking about London.


And Eric (Qusay) is attempting to distract by making the rounds and speaking of Russia:

“It’s the greatest hoax of all time, I was there throughout the campaign. We have no dealings in Russia. We have no projects in Russia. We have nothing to do with Russia.” ~ Eric Trump

He sounds so much like his daddy.

They should talk both talk to Junior. 


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9 thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber Jr.

  1. It gets more interesting by the minute, Lydia. And their latest gambit is to start an economy lodging brand aimed at those who want the Trump product on a peanuts and beer (not steak and champagne) budget. Oy! 😉 xoxoM

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  2. It’s maddening; The continued bald-faced lies and denials. Yet, what particularly irksome is that the Trump base and GOP remain in denial. One of the great things though, is true outpouring of support, action, and resistance on the part of progressives and those with at least have a brain. Here’s to hoping we can pick up the pieces after an almost continuous onslaught of lies, deflections, and “what about Hillary…”


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