Donald Trump is a Big Fat 🤥 Liar  

Donald Trump’s stated reasons for exiting the Paris agreement are as transparent as his skin and as absurd as it’s brassy color. The Paris agreement was negotiated to United States specifications. It is not a trade deal, but an attempt to slow the damage humans inflict on the planet. Coal is not mentioned in the agreement. Renewable energy creates jobs; potentially the biggest growth in future job markets will be in renewable energy technologies. California has seen 40% higher economic growth than the rest of the country, due in large part to their efforts to lower the state’s carbon footprint. 

Trump isn’t as powerful as he would like to think. California, New York, and Washington, three states that account for a fifth of the U.S. economy, have come together to form an alliance to tackle the climate crisis, exceeding standards set by the Paris agreement. In fact 30 of our 50 United States have adopted mandates for utilities to increase their use of renewable energy. Trump can not change that by this withdrawal from the Paris accord.

Trump’s goals as president are selfish ones. His desire is not only to transfer the country’s coffers to himself and to create a bigger wealth gap between the rich and the working classes, but his biggest obsession is in undoing the Obama legacy. 

From healthcare, to childhood obesity, to the Paris agreement, Trump’s hatred for President Obama has eclipsed all pretense of “Making America Great Again.” What purpose is served in ending nutritional standards for school lunch programs other than to destroy another positive change the Obamas made during their time in Washington?

Many of us have wondered what it would take for Trump’s supportes to walk away from him, if not his braggadocio regarding sexual assault, or his refusal to denounce increasingly brazen white supremacist groups, or his determination to take healthcare away from the very people who, along with Russia, elected him. This might be the last straw. 

Trump’s break from Paris is where the line is drawn for Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, and Roger Iger, chief executive of Disney, both resigned from Trump’s advisory council after his dear John speech to Paris. Chief executive of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, tweeted that Trump’s decision “is a setback for the environment and for the U.S.’s leadership position in the world.”

Breaking from Paris may prove to be one of Trump’s fatal mistakes, the first of which was the firing of former FBI director James Comey. That decision had the opposite effect on the Russia investigation than intended. This Paris mistake has created new enemies for Trump, and enemies are a risky commodity for a person with secrets.

Since Trump’s attempt to sabotage the planet, it appears more leaks have sprung regarding his collusion with Russia. He may have unintentionally and indirectly provided investigators with the last nail they’ll need to seal his political coffin.  


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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a Big Fat 🤥 Liar  

  1. I really hope you’re right! The speech yesterday upset me more than I’ve been upset by this administration in a long time (which is saying something since I’m always upset). Did you know when he said “I was elected to serve the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris” that In Pittsburgh he only won 20 percent of the vote? Ugh, lets hope this madness ends soon.

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  2. I do think that Trump is doing some things only as a vendetta against Obama. But at the same time he does things that he believes charges up his base, even though many past interviews with him indicated that he barely believes in many of the things his base believes in. He is, indeed, a Republican in that he favors giving the elite class (including himself and his family) tax breaks. It’s really a pity that so many people in his base (and of course everyone else who constitute the true majority) will be hurt by him in the end. Think of all of the people that would be hurt if this lousy health plan was ever passed. He really has no care in the world for his base, in my opinion, and gives a figurative middle finger to the rest of us. I think he just uses his base as chumps because he knows that no one else would be swayed by his sleezy dishonest crap. It astounds me how so many people still support him despite his clear desire to be the King of the United States. Not just any king, but an authoritarian one who spits out hatred regularly. He wants to ruin the democracy that so many soldiers have worked and are still working to defend.

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  3. They said this exact thing on NPR this morning–that he is out to destroy President Obama’s legacy–he is the anti-Obama. That his such a low and hateful agenda to look to fulfill. When will this end?

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    1. Trump unwittingly highlights all the positive changes President Obama made every time he dismantles something.
      That Trump has lasted this long defies logic. I keep reading “they’re building an airtight case.” Meanwhile the Russians are moving back into the New York and Maryland compounds. It has to end soon.

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