Covfefe in a Sentence 

A new word from the POTUS in chief

On it’s meaning we must be debriefed

Context clears the haze

Explained in his phrase:

“the constant negative press covfefe

My use of the word in a sentence:

It’s not fake news— tis my belief

Trump likes ketchup with a trace of charred beef

That fact—undisputed

And he is persecuted

For eating steak with ketchup evenly covfefed


<a href=””>Trace</a&gt;

5 thoughts on “Covfefe in a Sentence 

      1. There you go! Did you read his comment online. A few ‘in the know’ knew exactly what DT meant. Give me a freakin’ break. He typo’d! For gosh sakes–can you just say he screwed up?! This is so nuts.

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