Who Will be 46?

I am not a reporter, but I often read what investigative reporters write. My one sided opinion on what I’ve read today is— the Trump circus is closing and the elephants will be set free, the republican elephant under Trump. 

If Louise Mensch is right, (please, please, please), we can expect to hear the phrase “President Warren Hatch” very soon. Third in line for the throne after VP Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, President pro tempore of the Senate Hatch is currently receiving security briefings. 

Trump, Pence, and Ryan’s clown licences revoked, because corruption isn’t funny. President Hatch— for how long is unclear. 

A quick google search reveals Hatch could be any republican (who is not implicated in Trump’s hot mess), as far as his stance on issues like healthcare. 

I’ll cut out the middle man (me) and attach a link to Mensch’s blog—

“Trump’s Presidency Ended May 9th” – Hatch Getting Security Briefings

I think this calls for champagne…or at least throw it on ice for later.


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4 thoughts on “Who Will be 46?

  1. The connection between Trump and the Republican party is a tenuous one at best. Trump is not really a Republican in that he does his own thing with very little consultation with the Republican leadership. They will cut him loose at some stage.

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