Today is Another Good Day Not to be Donald Trump

Common sense tells you- when you can’t take the heat in kitchen, you throw out the microwave…because it’s surveilling you. 

09 May, 2017, Donald Trump fires microwave FBI director James Comey, who is actively investigating Trump’s financial ties to Russia.

Does this firing make my ass look guilty? No the treason makes your ass look guilty. 

Also on 09 May, President Donald Trump sends a certified letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham attesting that the president has no connections to Russia…Since it’s a certified letter, can we stop the investigation?

Richard Nixon was brought down by the coverup of a crime, not the crime itself. 

As I’ve said, regardless of the size of his clown shoes, Trump is following in Nixon’s footsteps.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says firing of James Comey is a “strictly domestic affair” that will not affect the US-Russia relationship. Hmm…
Today Trump himself is due to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office—again, after firing FBI chief James Comey who was actively investigating his ties to Russia’s alleged election meddling.

Is Lavarov interviewing to be our new FBI director?

Who will pursue justice now?

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