Trump Tweets on 5/8/2017 / The World Through Orange-Colored Glasses

As is the new normal, when the heat is turned up Trump turns to Twitter. 

Sally Yates testimony yesterday, 8 May 2017, substantiated the damning information we already had. There were no bombshells, just confirmation of what has been previously reported. 


Trump seems to address those questioning Yates, as if they are following his twitter feed 24/7. They must not have had a signal.

Trump is concerned with how the truth was leaked, rather than the content of the truth that was leaked. 


Now on record— Sally Yates had warned Trump’s people that Flynn had ties to Russia— 18 days before Trump took action to fire Flynn. 

In answer to the above non-sense, the Obama administration fired Flynn in 2014. Trump had also been personally warned by President Obama prior to Trump’s inauguration that Flynn was a danger to national security.


Back to surveillance. Unplug the microwaves.

 Trump’s response is always to kill the messenger—attack the source of news media. Like a vulture beaking out the eyes of its pray, Trump pecks Tweets of “Fake News.” 


News previously leaked by unnamed sources is gradually proving to be true. 

As painfully slow as this investigation is progressing, it will continue. As FBI director Comey stated, the FBI will continue to investigate trumps ties to Russia for as long as it takes. 

Trump cares about how American tax dollars are spent— they’d be better spent on his golf weekends, or keeping his wife in Manhattan.


Sometimes I think Trump is tweeting entirely for my entertainment, but it is more likely he tweets for his fans— those who only get their information on world events from the orange one himself. Either way, I am entertained.

That wraps up my review of yesterdays tweet storm. Keep those rubber boots and umbrellas ready, because there may be more weather ahead. 


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