Macron Wins!—Thanks to Trump

France just elected the antithesis to Donald Trump. At 39 years of age, handsome liberal centrist Emmanuel Macron, who is to be France’s youngest president, defeated far right nationalist Marine Le Pen 66.1 % to 33.9 %. 

**In France the person with the most votes wins. 

At 72 Donald Trump, America’s oldest president, has a habit of taking credit for that which he’s had no part, having done so with payoffs of Obama’s economic policies, and the resulting jobs. The large margin of Macron’s win in France on Sunday, if not the victory itself, can in fact be credited to Donald Trump. 

Nationalist Marine Le Pen offered herself up as a smarter, less psychotic, younger, less orange, female version of Donald Trump. She ran a campaign based on the same racist, fear mongering, exclusionary principles that are associated with Trump, and her extreme views on immigration, her desire to remove France from the EU, and her antiglobalization pledge to end free trade are also in the spirit of Donald Trump. 

France, Europe, and the world, see Trump for what he is, and they do not want that for themselves. With these election results, the French have confirmed (what they’ve privately always known)—they have an intellectual superiority that dwarfs that of Americans. Good luck finding a waiter in Paris who isn’t condescending now —said the bitter American.

The similarities between Le Pen and Trump were solidified in the minds of the French with the hacking of Macron’s email days before the election. Russia must surely be disappointed in Le Pen’s loss, as Putin’s desire to divide and conquer has been thwarted…for now.

Far right nationalists throughout Europe should take note of what will likely be a trend of shunning Trump’s style of politics. Worldwide hatred of Trump escalates as dismay over what is occurring in the US, from healthcare to immigration, confounds logic.

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3 thoughts on “Macron Wins!—Thanks to Trump

  1. There have been a couple of current affairs programs here about the possibility that Le Pen might win, and what this would signify as regards world trends. I am deeply grateful not just that it didn’t happen, but that Macron’s win was so decisive.

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