Russian Fighter Jets Within Alaskan Air Defense ID Zone

Four times this week Russian fighter jets were spotted by North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) well within the the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone, prompting NORAD to scramble F22 fighter jets to intercept them. 

The Russian military aircraft came within approximately 36 miles of the Alaskan coast. U.S. officials said they stayed within  international airspace at all times.
Meanwhile, POTUS 45 hosted what some are calling a “White Trash House Party” with a guest list including: Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and the self appointed Russian sentinel herself, Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin’s absence from her house, where she normally keeps an eye on Russia, explains the recent bold actions taken by said Russian bombers.  


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2 thoughts on “Russian Fighter Jets Within Alaskan Air Defense ID Zone

  1. Canadians were concerned about the bombers too. Yesterday we sent out some fighters to check them out. Some of my coworkers were talking about it today. I reminded them how many american bases are along the russian border and how many russian bases are along the american one.. Our jets and bombers (canada included) are within a few miles of russia all the time. And everytime that russia flies a little close to us we get all nervous. Well what do we expect? They are testing the waters (just like we do,) this sort of behavior by the airforce is totally normal, its been going on since the cold war.


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