Trump’s Ratings Drop Again

Trump’s approval ratings are even lower than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s were on The Apprentice. While some (me) find it shocking to see he’s still maintaining double digits, it’s become clear single digits are in the future.

Only 34% (Who are these people?) now approve of the job Trump is doing. Even white men, his most loyal supporters, are jumping ship, with only 49% on his side. 

52% of the Americans polled are embarrassed by Trump. (That’s more than half Donald.)

Of course the “dishonest media” and their insistence on focusing on real facts rather than alternative facts are to blame for his low ratings.

When can we cancel Trump for his bad (pathetic) ratings?

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Ratings Drop Again

  1. Carl Hiaasen’s column today totally cracked me up. He described Trump: “We’ve got a commander-in-chief who is one rusty screw short of coming unhinged. He doesn’t read, barely sleeps, tweets reckless nonsense at all hours, and displays the attention span of a gopher on cocaine. Nailed it!

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