Making America Russia

A pattern has emerged: a member of Trump’s team is found to have previously undisclosed ties to Russia, or some equally disturbing foreign entanglement, and Trump feigns ignorance.

Roger Stone, former Trump campaign advisor, admitted on Friday to having had private conversations with the Gucifer 2.0, a hacker who is believed to be the Russian operative responsible for leaking information from the DNC during the presidential campaign. Stone used the words “innocuous”, “banal” and “perfunctory” to describe the private twitter conversations he neglected to mention before this time. Why bother bringing up a topic so inconsequential?

Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security advisor, who resigned over ties to Russia, we now know also had been an agent on Turkish payroll, drawing an annual salary of $500,000. He disclosed this information to Trump twice, telling him he might register as a foreign agent, yet Trump claims he did not know.

Tillerson’s Russian ties, primarily related to his ExonMobile and Putin’s Rosneft interests are well documented. Tillerson recused himself this week from any decisions related to the Keystone pipeline. 

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General and racist extraordinaire, met with Russia’s envoy to the U.S. at least three times, but those meetings slipped his mind when he was under oath, which led to him recusing himself from all investigations regarding Trump’s Russian ties. This is prior to his move to clean house by dismissing the 46 U.S. attorneys who remain from the Obama administration.

Steve Bannon seems to be the ring leader in charge of re-positioning Trump’s people as they fall. It would appear the goal is to enclose Trump in a pristine bubble of yes men.  

Anyone who isn’t alarmed by all that is transpiring in Washington is not paying attention. What needs to happen before congress ends this assault on our country?


March 11, 2017
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