CPAC 2017 

I know, three posts in one day. I should have found a way to incorporate them all into one, but I didn’t.  

I am curious about this:

On Friday, February 24, 2017, Donald Trump spoke at the CPAC2017 – Conservative Political Action Conference. Someone, I’d love to know who, passed out tiny Russian flags that said “Trump”to the audience, and people actually took them and put them to use. 

My question is what’s the deal?

  • A. The people who accepted the flags are Russian. 
  • B. The people waved the flags did not realize the flags were Russian. 
  • C. The people waving Russian flags were Trump supporters who were trying to be funny.
  • D. This is an anti-Trump group who went undetected by Security.

Anyone have an opinion?

8 thoughts on “CPAC 2017 

  1. I read a post on Facebook or Twitter from an anti-trump guy who said he had the flags made and distributed them at CPAC. People took them unaware of the flag’s significance. Someone rounded them all up, but it was pretty brilliant.

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