Trump Will “Look Into It”

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post this week featured stories on Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael T Flynn, and reports claiming Flynn was in contact with Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, prior to Trump’s inauguration. 

According to both current and former American officials- in one particular conversation between the two, Flynn essentially urged Kislyak to ignore sanctions that were to be imposed by President Obama in mid December, implying that Trump would reverse them once inaugurated. The sanctions were in response to reports confirming Russia’s tampering in the presidential election, in Trump’s favor. 

“Federal officials who have read the transcript of the call were surprised by Mr. Flynn’s comments, since he would have known that American eavesdroppers closely monitor such calls.”

“American eavesdroppers closely monitor such calls.” That statement makes it clear that this information had been in hand prior to Trump’s inauguration, and yet nothing was done with it.

That phone call was just one in a series of communications between the two, taking place between the time of the election and the date of the inauguration. 
Flynn denied sanctions were discussed. Not only did Flynn lie, but Priebus, and Pence lied as well.

“They did not discuss anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia,” ~ Vice President Mike Pence 

Also under F.B.I. investigation is Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort; Carter Page, a businessman and former foreign policy adviser to the campaign; and Roger Stone, a Republican operative.

Federal officials are considering whether or not Flynn is in violation of the Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in disputes involving the American government. Isn’t aiding the enemy treason? Is it wrong to openly engaging in policy discussions with a foreign government? If it weren’t wrong, no one would deny it happened. 

My question with regards to this subject is the same question I have regarding many subjects related to Trump. Why is no one acting on it? This may be information newly released to the press, but if the Feds are monitoring phone calls, they had this information as it was happening, months ago now. 

Many members of the Trump administration have been implicated in this Russian conspiracy to get Trump to the Oval Office, either by complicity, or perjury, but nothing has been done. Taking action now, against a sitting national security advisor, and the acting president of the United States, must be complicated at best, but this information was in hand before either had taken office. Who will act on this information now?

That answer lies in the headline of a follow up story in The New York Times: “Trump Will ‘Look Into’ Reports That Flynn discussed Sanctions With Russia”- I’m sure he’ll do that.

9 thoughts on “Trump Will “Look Into It”

  1. Sweden had a eminent politician once. She accidentally bought a chocolate bar with her official visa. Guess what, she was finished. Her entire political career went down the drain. It was harsh. But when it comes to the current WH – it all looks like a giant chocolate bar. Just my Swedish 2 cents 🙂

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      1. It’s been three very strange weeks. But sooner or later they must end up in the hands of justice. This can’t go on. But it must end in a good way. The world is watching and well, it’s worrying.

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