Nordstrom, T.J.Max, Trump, and China

I’m not going to go into the question of ethics regarding a president who criticizes a company over a business decision, but I will point out that Trump’s attempt at bullying companies into doing business with his family isn’t working out the way he’d like– despite Kellyanne Conway ‘s push: “I’m going to give it a free commercial here”  “Go buy it today.” Trump’s twitter tantrum this week caused Nordstrom stock to take a slight dip before taking off. 
It appears T.J. Max is on the upswing as well. 
The following list of Companies is likely benefitting from dropping Ivanka Trump Brand as well: Marshals, Neiman Marcus, Bellacor, Belk, Shopstyle, HSN, Jet . com

And finally, if you need another reason to boycott Trump brand, the made in China tag is proof that the Trumps don’t do business the way they pretend to.


February 9, 2017

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