Yuge Crowd Marches in Support of Trump 

No one is surprised to hear Donald Trump is maintaining his historically low approval ratings. He is consistent if nothing else. Here are some numbers from Gallup: Trump’s average approval rating is 42 percent, with a 49 percent disapproval. Also not surprising is the following tweet:

Trump is right, the press isn’t painting a clear picture of how popular he is. They never give as much coverage to his supporters as they do to those who protest. I’m not the press, but I’d like to share a little covered event this weekend. 

What appears to be a crowd of 8, but is no doubt the largest crowd ever assembled. Millions, (or eight) peacefully gathered in the streets of Portland to show their support for Trump. No violence broke out at this event, which might be why it got so little coverage.


February 6, 2017

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