Donald Trump and The Dakota Pipeline

What is this Dakota Pipeline thing with the abused protesters really about? Energy Transfer Partners- the company that owns the Dakota Pipeline, and one of the companies … wait for it … that Donald Trump has 2 million dollars invested in, is operating illegally. Why? So a handful of billionaires including Trump can sell oil to China.

While the Trumps of the world get richer, this project is producing more carbon pollution than 29 coal burning plants. This pipeline is not about the United States becoming a self sustaining entity; this is about oil companies and banks like Wells Fargo and Citibank, and a handful of billionaires selling American oil to China for their own profit at the cost of the environment and the water supply of 18 million people. 

Time is running out for the Obama administration to demand Energy Transfer Partners- and the Army Corps of Engineers comply with the National Environmental Policy Act and produce a full Environmental Impact Statement for the project of the Dakota Pipeline. 

(The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is a United States environmental law that promotes the enhancement of the environment and established the President’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). The law was enacted on January 1, 1970.)

If the Obama administration does not act before the commencement of a Donald Trump presidency, the Dakota pipeline will proceed unhindered because Trump has promised to remove all environmental barriers to U.S. energy production.

How is Energy Transfer Partners currently operating illegally? They have more in common with Donald Trump than his money. This company is smart, smart like Trump who avoids paying taxes by manipulating the law. This 1,170 mile Pipeline which crosses 209 streams, is required by law to complete a full Environmental Impact Statement, but they are illegally using a clause intended for small projects- small projects that will have no significant impact on the land. EPA permit 12 – which is for projects of less than 1 acre, allows small projects to avoid the requirement of completing an Environmental impact statement. 

Energy Transfer Partners has segmented this 1700 mile project into 1 acre increments to avoid completing the statement. The National environmental policy act specifically states segmenting large projects for this purpose is illegal, but they’re doing it anyway. They are doing it because they know that if the details of their project were made public they would be shut down. This project creates about 30 or 40 jobs in exchange, they are laying an infrastructure that will destroy the environment. 

Meanwhile, 200 Indian tribes have come together to peacefully demonstrate, exercising their constitutional right to protest, and they have been met with a military style attack funded with our tax dollars on behalf of billionaires like Donald Trump. This pipeline is about the man (the billionaire) maintaining his hold on the global energy market, which the U.S. has set aside in favor of less expensive and environmentally friendly wind and solar power. Banks and their billionaire investors- like Donald Trump get richer and the Indians get hosed- literally and figuratively- polluted water and destroyed land- Happy Thanksgiving- have some tear gas with those rubber bullets.

*Trump now claims to have sold off this stock. 


December 1, 2016

One thought on “Donald Trump and The Dakota Pipeline

  1. Trump has no financial interest in the pipeline. There is a little more to this than what the public is told. Read my latest post on it.


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