News Culture

Ten or more years ago when I was driving my car to work, I turned the news radio off and instead listened to book on tape. My television with the constant CNN loop went off as well, and I turned on music instead. News papers were put aside for fiction. The news had gotten to me. The last straw was a series of child abductions rapes and murders— an epidemic it seemed. Ignorance is bliss. 

I had become a prisoner to the news. The colossal waste of time waiting for the “tease” story which always turned out to be smoke and mirrors, a trap. I also became aware at some point that corporate America manipulates news stories to paint themselves in a flattering light. The rich and powerful control what information we get, and which side of the story is reported, whether true or false. The truth is misrepresented; so many people don’t see that. We are fed a good share of propaganda regardless of freedom of the press.

Today many of us are “informed” or bombarded online: Facebook and Twitter links connect us to real and fake news…the “tag lines” that impel you to click the link only to lead you to a maze of advertisements and pop ups. If you can navigate your way to the story there is no substance, or it is intentional misinformation. 

News is as infuriating today as it was ten or more years ago…the added bonus is the raging (often illiterate) reader comments at the end. 
I admit I’ve been sucked into this vortex. I’m not like the thin skinned orange one who tweets in the night. I troll for legitimate news, but even that has gotten to me. 

Today with two hands over my ears, two hands over my eyes and the thumbs I write with taped into submission, I am blocking out the news to reflect.  
After many minutes devoted to this, I’ve come to a decision. After Inauguration Day I will again boycott all news – fake and real, and I’ll go back to writing about my son pretending he’s too sick to go to school, or the price of college books, or the impossibility of a single parent to keep afloat when everything except income is rising.  

Inauguration Day… my Independence Day, when I’ll be free to focus on my own problems and be happy again.


November 29, 2016

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