Milkshakes and Video Games

According to the “National Day Calendar” today is: National Milkshake Day, National Video Game Day, and National Boss-Employee Exchange Day. That is quite a selection. Of those days, milkshake/lactose day is a no-go for me, I’m intolerant. Video game/waste my time day holds no appeal. But, the boss-employee exchange…mwahaha – oh yes, I’ll take it. 

First, I’d give myself a bonus, because one must compensate those at the top in order to retain the best of the best in the corporate world. The next thing I might do is tweak work rules, because efficiency is everything in a profitable company, and it is more efficient to have one employee doing the work of two…and let’s pay that one employee less while we’re at it. Finally, I’d reduce sick pay, vacation days, and eliminate retiree healthcare while extolling the virtues of pulling together for the team…”the team” being the shareholders. 

Come to think of it, I’d rather spend the day drinking milkshakes and playing video games…cramps and boredom be damned. I like to sleep with a clear conscience. 

September 12, 2016, Daily Prompt: Zing~ <a href=””>Zing!</a&gt;

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