Me Timbers

Yo ho Florida

Blow the man down

Hurricane Hermine

Scurvy tempest renown

Grab yer duffle take cover

Ye evacuate

Er batten down yer hatches 

If ye think yer too late

Avast ye who pillage 

Gold pieces o eight

When the privateers spy ye 

Ye shud soon be shark bate

Helm’s a-lee Davey Jones

Dead men tell no tales

All hands hoy ta haul wind

Raise yer swords ta the gales! 


September 1, 2016, Daily Prompt: Shiver~ <a href=””>Shiver</a&gt;

3 thoughts on “Me Timbers

  1. Luckily, where I live in Florida is to the west of this storm. This was a bad one. Everything in the area closed down yesterday. This is not the kind of long weekend they anticipated…

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