Uber Virgin

I was an uber virgin

until this very week

When I had to go somewhere

My prospects were quite bleak

Weighted down with my luggage

Much more than I could hold

Out of desperation did

This experience did unfold

From the airport to hotel

The ride went very well

That night I tried “Uber Pool”

I’ll just say that was hell

I felt I was held captive 

The drivers search commenced

Synchronizing  pick up spots

For riders who were dense

The driver would pull over

Behind us horns would blare

New York – I know…bottom line 

I just don’t like to share

Next ride: back to plain Uber

No problems to report

This may replace the subway

As my main conveyance sort

No haggling or money 

My eyes see where we are

Uber is so convenient 

I might soon sell my car
August 19, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/eyes/”>Eyes</a&gt;

7 thoughts on “Uber Virgin

  1. I dreamt I was an über driver several nights ago. I picked up a student at a service station and dropped him off IN his classroom. Apparently my uber car turned into a bicycle mid-dream.

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