“Often people display a curious respect for a drunk man, rather like the respective of simple races for the insane… There is something awe-inspiring in one who has lost all inhibition.”  

F. Scott Fitzgerald 

I suppose if it was 1920’s Paris, and I was F. Scott Fitzgerald, hanging out with Ernesto, Gertrude Stein, and James Joyce, then watching Hemingway’s intoxication might have held my interest, but probably not. I have no respect for drunks. I understand alcoholism is a disease…or maybe I don’t.

I tended bar when I was in my early twenties. Watching the nightly metamorphosis in people— sober to drunk, was eye opening. I saw a dark side of human nature. I don’t pretend to be perfect. I had my share of overindulging, during that time in my life, so I understand it, but there comes a point when you should know how much you can drink without becoming a stumbling idiot. If you don’t know your limit by your mid twenties, or you know your limit, but choose to exceed it, you have a problem. 

Traveling for work today, I witnessed a decent looking business man in a nice suit, who I’d guess was in his 30’s, cope with a flight delay by heading to the airport bar and getting smashed. It was 7am. He boarded the airplane without drawing attention to himself, and ordered a couple of Bloody Mary’s during the flight. By the time the short flight landed, the genius couldn’t walk off the airplane. In fact he fell off the airplane, and couldn’t get up, not because he was hurt in the fall, but because he was too drunk to stand up. He needed a wheelchair to take him off the jet bridge…at 9:30am.

This grown man chose to drink. If he is an alcoholic, over imbibing may not have been a choice, but he chose to take that first drink, and he is obviously someone who should not drink at all. This entitled brat behaved as if he was the only one inconvenienced by the delay. He wore a wedding ring, and all I could think was that I feel sorry for whoever married him. 
There is nothing awe inspiring, or interesting, or funny about a drunk. Drunks are weak, pathetic, disgusting, and it is a dangerous way to live—my opinion.
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3 thoughts on “Drunks

  1. Drunks are also mind-numbingly boring. Don’t know what happens in the US, but here and in Britain they also waste countless hours of police, ambulance and ER time. I wish all drunks and drug addicts could be filmed, and shown what absolute fools they make of themselves.

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  2. I understand alcoholism but I agree with you. There is so much help available for alcoholism it is their own fault that they stay sick. Does a person with Cancer refuse to try a treatment because it may hurt or be uncomfortable? The most mistakes alcoholics make is picking up with their old friends. This is the same as not taking any treatment at all. The same with drugs.

    As far as a saying for them I can only think of Sally Field in Forrest Gump telling him ” stupid is as stupid does. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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