The most foolish thing a person might do
Is overestimate someone who
Has tragic flaws that are apparent from the start
Carelessly crossing invisible lines
Deaf to alarm bells, blind to warning signs 
Soon they find themselves caged with a lion—I impart

This horse who bears no gifts 
Should’ve long ago been set adrift
I’m convinced lions don’t ever change—even for you
In life’s vast expanse you’ll find
Self preservation is not unkind
In future you’ll see peace is well within your view

Ignore ink stamped “sell by” dates
They’re merely suggestions, not mandates
There is a fair amount of time left before you expire
Shake off what weighs you down
Until death, life can be turned around
Look at yourself before looking for someone else to admire

May 14, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt: Underestimate~ <a href=””>Underestimate</a&gt;

3 thoughts on “Yourself

  1. This is beautiful! I especially love the line “there is a fair amount of time left before you expire.”


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