Superstition At My Disposal

Thinking it is bad luck to fall out of a thirteenth story window on a Friday is ______?  Superstition is correct! 

Thinking it is bad luck to find random puddles of water on a hardwood floor in ones kitchen is ______?  Not superstition…unless a thirteen year old black cat who carrying an open umbrella has caused the leak. 

You seem to have a clear understanding of what superstition is, and what it is not, but you may not realize that superstition is so prevalent that we often don’t even realize we are acting on it. For example, when a person sneezes and you, being the well mannered person your mother raised you to be, “bless them,” you are acting on a superstitious belief that dates as far back as at least AD 77. 

I’ve heard the explanation that when we sneeze our hearts stop beating, and “blessing” someone encourages their heartbeat to resume. There is another belief that a person’s soul could be thrown from their body when they sneezed, opening the body to invasion by evil spirits, which can be counteracted by any random person saying “bless you.” That is all unfounded superstition. Sneezing is just sneezing, so blow your nose and get on with your life. 

I would like to discuss the origins of many more foolish superstitions, but I am not superstitious, because I’m much too smart for that nonsense. Also, I have a more pressing item on my agenda today. I’ve already taken time from my latest home repair project to skim over this subject, so as fascinating as the subject is, I see no point postponing the inevitable repair.

I have found the source of a leak under my kitchen sink. I know that this leak is not, as I mentioned above, “bad luck.” This leak is a result of poor workmanship on my part. I installed this new garbage disposal myself in January, apparently not properly. 

So just to keep you abreast of my progress I will tell you that I’ve disconnected the corresponding fuse, thus disabling the power source, disassembled the disposal, cleaned off the plumbers putty, accidentally tore the cardboard washer ring, and that is where things stand. I’m guessing that I need a new pulley washer to stop the leak where the pipes connect, or I might just move. 

This is the fourth time I’ve mentioned my disposal in a post. I believe the only way it will remain leak free is for me to write about it three more times, bringing the total garbage disposal posts to seven. Seven is after all a lucky number. ______________________________
April 8, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt: Superstition~<a href=””>Superstition</a&gt;

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