Memorable Afterthoughts

A warm waffle dusted with powdered sugar, purchased and eaten on the streets of Belgium, a cuppa tea or two in and around London, a cheeseburger in paradise (okay, a veggie-burger in Hawaii), lox and bagels in a New York deli, ouzo sipped in a Kafenio as the Aegean exhaled a salty mist, fresh flakey almond croissants in Paris, Tex-Mex in Texas and in Mexico, pizza in southern Italy, a newly plucked papaya in St. John, one good cup of Swedish coffee in Stockholm (because that’s all I could afford at those prices)…

I have travelled a bit in my day, and sampled a few delicacies along the way. The food and drink however were never my motivation for traveling, and they were not the most notable parts of any trip. The quality of a meal can fluctuate from day to day, and my appetite can be unpredictable, which might lead to disappointment if that were the sole impetus for take a trip. People, history, art, a view, and such are always worth the time invested in travel. Although there is not a fat kid anywhere who loves cake more than I do, food is an afterthought for me…a delicious and memorable afterthought, but an afterthought.


The Daily Post, February 7, 2016, Daily Prompt: Live to Eat~ Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?<a href=””>Live to Eat</a>

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