More on Resolutions…I Know

A person can not live as long as I have without forming a few opinions, and I am among the opinionated. Some of my opinions are: 

1. Daily post prompts can be repetitious

2. Life is not fair

3. Nothing makes sense

With regards to opinion #1 the daily post can be repetitious, I find myself considering yet again the phenomenon of the New Years resolution. 

Typically my only thought on this subject would be annoyance every January when the people who make those damn resolutions clog my gym. That said, I’d like to provide you with a few discouraging statistics regarding resolutions, as well as my analysis of the results.

Fact: 45% of Americans make resolutions 

My analysis: the other 55% of the population is perfect

Fact: of those Americans in their twenties who make resolutions, 39% of them claim to achieve their goals

My analysis: twenty year olds are somewhat delusional

Fact: of those Americans who are over 50 years of age and make resolutions, only 14% achieve their resolutions 

My analysis: the down trodden older demographic has come to face the reality that resolutions are a hopeless waste of time.

As stated with opinion #2 life is not fair, and hopefully that will discourage those newcomers who have infested my gym. I’d like to get on with my workout.
I did find some other mundane facts to share. Of the top 10 resolutions, all fit comfortably into the following 4 categories:

Habits: workout, eat healthy, drink less, quit smoking 
Enlightenment: learn something new, travel 
Finance: get out of debt, save money
Relationships: spend more time with family, fall in love 

All are all admirable goals, but here my opinion #3 nothing make sense comes to play. I would like to know how “fall in love” is a resolution. If I’m not mistaken, falling in love happens when you meet the right person at the right time, like a lightening strike. It doesn’t happen because it’s on a resolution list. If it worked that way everyone would be in love, most especially me because I am a list maker. The fact that people are putting it on their resolution list might explain the failure rate of resolutions. You may as well put win the lottery on your list of resolutions. 

Hopefully this will put an end to resolution prompts until next year. I won’t mention them again…unless the fall in love resolution comes to fruition. 


The Daily Post, January 6, 2016, Daily Prompt: Resolved~ Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?<a href=””>Resolved</a&gt;

7 thoughts on “More on Resolutions…I Know

  1. Love this. I’m in the 50+ demographic, but not downtrodden yet, and I agree resolutions are a waste of time and stressful. As one blogger said, if you see that you need to make a change in your life in October, do it in October. Life is always not fair, but so what. Ha ha!

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    1. Thank you. I’m in the 50’s demographic too, I think the statistics are low for us for exactly that reason. I think we are more likely to act on the urge to make changes throughout the year rather than wait for a milestone. I think the twenty somethings feel like they have more time to do everything. That was my thinking at that time… just a thought

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  2. I like your idea of winning a lottery. I’m all in for that this year. Of course, that will be rather hard for me since I won’t buy lottery tickets. I guess I’ll have to say “Make friends with a lottery winner who will share with me.” Settled issue: I won’t win the lottery and I won’t clog up your gym. You can guess I fit into the down trodden older demographic. I’ve had lots of experience with Resolutions. I like you blog.

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  3. While I do applaud anyone who is willing to put in the effort to make a positive change in themselves, I do dislike resolutions and the Resolutionaries that clog the gym. I find myself trying to make resolution style changes for my birthday each year, instead of New Years. But my fail rate is seemingly high with those too. Maybe I should buy a Powerball ticket. Wait… too late. Darn.

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