Whom Shall I Encounter…

I’m not a shopper. Perhaps if I had a disposable income I would be…but I don’t, so I’m not. Given the choice between a “door buster” flat screen HDTV or $200. I’d choose to keep my cash. If I need something, I’ll bargain hunt online when the need arises. I refuse to get caught up in the idiocy of “Black Friday”. That said, it is 0720 on Black Friday, and I lie flat on my back in my bed, considering today’s prompt: “Write about the first person you encountered today.” 

Knowing what the prompt is before I’ve encountered anyone gives me the power to manipulate who that person will be. Typically my life is a runaway train of which I control very little, so this is big. Mwahahaha…power. 

Think of the possibilities: 

I could encounter the quintessential “Black Friday” shoppers who travel in packs and have a strategic pre-planned mode of attack. I picture them: a large boned pushy breed, the thanksgiving meal they gorged on yesterday oozes out of their pores, a foul smell of fowl on their breath, greasy hair half hidden under the baseball caps of losing teams, they wear lounge pants— flannel pajama bottoms with elastic waistbands, and on their feet they wear “athletic” house shoes with rubber bottoms providing the traction they need so they won’t slip as they run the department store aisles, pushing the cart they’ve filled with their booty. 

Proceed with caution, because if you get in their way you will become roadkill. They show no remorse, because you appeared out of no where when you jumped in front of their moving shopping cart. In that kind of a situation it’s best that they keep moving, to try to stop or swerve out of the way is too risky. It was your time to die. 

I could instead stop to purchase a $6. cup of coffee and encounter the elite young adults who regularly patronize that establishment. They don’t consider the cost, because they still live with their parents, so the money they earn at their jobs is used solely to keep them in the three C’s: coffee, clothes and cars. 

I could pop in on anyone of the people in my phones contacts list, many of whom I haven’t seen in years. Some of the names I can’t even place…is it an old friend, a coach from little league, a handyman?  

I could see what kind of person goes to workout on the day after Thanksgiving. That was already on my to-do list today, although I assume it will be the same college kids who are home for the holiday weekend that I saw yesterday, or the CEO talking to some apple-polisher who asked him how business was, which meant that we all had to hear the man loudly expound on his multimillion dollar monopoly. Meanwhile, this monologue takes place as they lounge on the excercise machines I’d like to use. 

I could have the oil in my car changed, making the first person I encounter the impressive young woman who works at the auto shop. She seems to know more about cars than anyone I’ve ever dealt with. She also has talked me into more auto repairs than anyone else ever has. Because she is a woman I trust her, and perhaps I shouldn’t… 

I could just stay where I am, and encounter no one. 

The Daily Post, November 27, 2015, Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People~ Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.
<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/the-luckiest-people/”>The Luckiest People</a>

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