Traveling Light

If I were a club I’d be exclusive and a charter member

I’ve known myself for quite some time—as far back as I remember

I find with the exception of me and myself…I am my closest friend

This discriminative club of mine will exist until I end

I am not always very proud and I don’t always rejoice 

In my decisions, or my actions, or my clumsy words of choice

All these imperfections make me human, to which I can relate

I know I’ve got some room for growth…on that there’s no debate

Let’s say that I’ve decided it’s finally time to celebrate

The founding member of my club on this unimportant date

The amusement might take place in one of the cities that I love:

New York, Paris, London, Rome, or all of the above

Perhaps we’d city hop over the course of several days

We’d dine, drink wine and sight see, and of course we’d see some plays

When I say “we” who do I mean? That is the conundrum

My self made aristocracy has me queen of an empty kingdom

The trio of guests must be me, myself and I—though the idea is prosaic

The shattered trio’s fragments have been redesigned into a unique mosaic 

And…who’s to say how large a group must be to form a celebration

These plans are fixed and will remain as such, until further examination


The Daily Post, November 13, 2015, Daily Prompt: RSVP~ Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?<a href=””>RSVP</a&gt;

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