Pizza and Entitlement

Today is National Pizza Day. Yay, and pass the crushed red peppers.You can expect postal delivery, your children will attend school, banks will be open and you will not be paid to stay at home in celebration of this national holiday. What a deal.

I must admit that I was unaware this day existed, however upon the realization I was prompted to research the history of the pizza pie. I found a long history that began with the first documentation of the word pizza in the year 997 AD, in Gaeta, Italy. Everything else I learned was equally boring, so I won’t share it with you. 

What I will share is a little anecdote which illustrates the sense of entitlement our children feel with regards to pizza.

When my spawn were wee, in a futile attempt to maintain my status as the world’s greatest mom, I was caught up in what’s known among overachievers like me as the birthday party trap. The trap is the idea that every child should have a birthday party every year. With three children who’s birthdays are each a month apart, by the third birthday of the season I was typically out of enthusiasm, money, and ideas. 

One year, on one such third party of the season, I decided to plan an afternoon swim party at the local YMCA. The children would swim for an hour, and then we’d move to the party room. In an attempt to save money, time and my sanity, I decided to have the party take place at 2:00 pm, which would eliminate the need for the pizza portion of the party. We would have cake, a piñata, every child would receive a very nice goody bag and we’d call it a year. 

I was straightened out on my way of thinking by more than one of the mutinous guests whose ages were still in the single digits. “Where is the pizza!?” was their battle cry. I tried to reason with them that as it was not yet 3:00 pm, we were in between lunch and dinner time and therefore there would be no pizza, only swimming, cake, piñata, and goody bags. They were horrified. “There’s no pizza!?” “No pizza?!” “But…pizza!?”

I was stripped of my credentials and asked to return my “Worlds Greatest Mom” t-shirt by the powers that be. The moral of this story is clear: You must always serve pizza at a child’s birthday party. 

Happy National Pizza Day.


The Daily Post, November 12, 2015, Daily Prompt: Ripped From the Headlines~ Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article. <a href=””>Ripped from the Headlines!</a>

8 thoughts on “Pizza and Entitlement

  1. This is a nice slice. You saw that coming right. Thought I’d be first. … In my town…from where one orders their pizza is a big tell concerning a person’s taste and character. Maybe the greedy were just trying to get to know you better.

    deep dish Doug

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a humorous post. You are right. Pizza is a must to be the perfect mom at a birthday party. Thanks for the historic info on the first written evidence of pizza in Italy. Didn’t know!


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