My pen, a sword I wield with might

To draw attention to a plight

This plight far worse than any other

Three teenagers a single mother

So very many sorrows seen

Such as auto repairs unforeseen

Fascinating you say, pray go on

Shall I explain the state of a front lawn 

Grubs, weeds, overgrown grass

A landscaper’s labor would be vast

An entire dwelling in disrepair

The condition of long frizzy hair

Endless hours at work and yet 

Compounding state of credit debt

Laundry of which no one will fold

Aches and pains of getting old

We all decide the paths we take

My hope– the path somehow will lead to cake

Said swordlike pen really nonexistent

The goal is only to be persistent 


The Daily Post, October 11, 2915, Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation~ If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?<a href=””>Singular Sensation</a><a href=””>Singular Sensation</a>

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