Is This Really Important?

Important: of much or great significance or consequence. 

What is important? 

Everything is important, 

and nothing is important. 

I am important,

but importance is subjective. 

Ask me what is important on Monday, 
and my answer will be different than it was on Thursday. 

I may not be important on Thursday.

I am important today.

On the other hand,

even today,

what I think is important 

is not what other people think is important.

I am only important to myself today.

I am of no consequence to other people,
on most days.

I have trouble categorizing my decisions based on their level of importance.

If a decision isn’t important, 

I can’t be bothered to make it…

because I believe that I only make important decisions. 

That said, I can not decide how to answer this prompt, 

so it must not be important. ____________________________________

The Daily Post, August 31, 2015, Daily Prompt: “Decisions, Decisions~ “How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?”<a href=””>Decisions, Decisions</a><a href=””>Decisions, Decisions</a>

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