As clear as the crystalline waters of the Fijian islands of Mamanuca are, the American Midwest lake waters in which I chose to beget my spawn are murky. Hindsight begs no explanation as to why this sleepy lakeside community has become a breeding ground for malcontent porwigle. “There is nothing to do here!”, says my most recently hatched. I ask what he would do anywhere given an opportunity. He responds with an incoherent grumbling that makes me wonder when he last consumed algae. 

I then ask: “Would you prefer a more semi-terrestrial existence?”, to which he responds: “Yes, anything would be better than this!” I argue: “Well, why is it you never travel with me so that you might test the waters elsewhere?” His response is something regarding the fact that his evil sister-spawn would most assuredly accompany us on such an expedition, and he begs off.  I point out that I’ve offered holidays on other ponds for him alone. Ignoring me, he croaks – “I’m bored! Why do we live here?”

My thoughts exactly. I am an ornate horned frog, more urbane by nature. I should be in a penthouse apartment aquarium abutting a fenestra overlooking Central Park. Instead I am here in the overtaxed swamplands of the midwest, struggling through a futile attempt to raise an army of fork tongued mudpuppy’s. 

How I long for the day when apoptosis will dissolve their tails, and they sprout legs. Post metamorphosis life will be so much easier.
The Daily Post, August 17, 2015, Daily Prompt: Community Service~ Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.<a href=””>Community Service</a><a href=””>Community Service</a>

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