* Fiction

“Smiles form the channels of a future tear.”      ~Lord Byron

The desired answer, I know is: “Oh, I’d love a coffee, thank you”.
I respond instead: “Can I have the $6. instead?”, No one ever gets my humor, but I persist, for my own amusement. 

I hear a laugh, and that is when I look up and glance at the man in line behind me to see who I’ve been rude to. He is wearing a well tailored charcoal suit, a crisp white shirt, a nondescript tie, and a smirk that makes me smile. Well groomed and handsome, a weird combination in a man who notices me.

I can be a bit defensive, but you might be too, if you had track record. The last two men I dated compelled me to swear men off forever. Not that anyone has batted an eye at me since I made that proclamation. The men I attract typically look like they’ve just been unhooked from life support. No matter, I’ve sworn off even the healthy looking specimens, not to mention the almost dead. What do I expect at my age? I don’t expect anything, so today I am pleasantly surprised.

“Where are you heading this morning?” I ask him. 

His reply: “New York, you?”

“Same.” —This might be my lucky day. Maybe the third time will be the charm.
The Daily Post, August 11, 2015, Daily Prompt: History of Language~ Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”<a href=””>History of Language</a><a href=””>History of Language</a>

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