The Path To—My Crawl Space 

Check, check, and what’s next on the list? No—please no… don’t make me go down there, not again. I’ll do anything please… 
The trigger of panic has been pulled as I contemplate the home maintenance that forces me to sink down into the abyss… the dark, deep, damp chasm that is my crawl space.

With my pulse rising, I approach. I take a deep breath, release it and pull open the door, making as much noise as possible. My hope is to warn the creatures from Dante’s underworld to spare me, and take cover. I crouch down to enter, crawling until I can reach up to turn on the bare lightbulb. A palpable pulsing sheet of spiderwebs is thrown over me, as the long legged architects dive into my hair, and down my collar. I let loose my first blood curdling scream of the excursion. It can be heard down the block. In a successful attempt to distract me, a rodent scurries by. I let out another gut wrenching cry.

Will anyone check on my well being—search down below to find the source of those explosive bellows? No. This is my normal. This happens every other month on the maintenance days when I fill my water softener with salt, change filters on the furnace and humidifier, or check the water levels in the sump pump battery. 

No one bats an eye when I scream anymore. My anxiety level rises even as I write about this. No one should have to endure these horrors that I do. What must I have done in a former life to deserve this torture? If ever there was a reason to stay in a miserable marriage, it would have been to avoid doing this.


The Daily Post, August 9, 2015, Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course~Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do? <a href=””>Obstacle Course</a><a href=””>Obstacle Course</a>


7 thoughts on “The Path To—My Crawl Space 

  1. This brought back such memories of when the salt man used to make his delivery each month to fill our water softener back home in NJ. Down here in sunny FL, it is very, very rare for anyone to have a basement. We save our bloodcurdling screams for the roaches that manage to crawl through the most miniscule spaces and disappear in the blink of any eye when the lights are turned on.

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