Toys  Back Then

Long ago when I was young

Not the jaded woman of today

Back in the time when plastic toys

Were Made in the USA


My favorite way to pass the time

Was not with dolls and such

Toys were ammunition

Used against my sister- it didn’t take much

We had Betsy Wetsy Doll

It wasn’t fun to play

When feeding her a bottle,

It came right out the other way


Like a married couple when

She’d need a diaper change

We’d argue over whose turn it was

This doll concept was strange


A Christmas gift I remember well

Caused an ugly sibling fight

A skating Baby First Step Doll

We pulled her leg off Christmas night

We had an Easy Bake Oven too

My sister and I would bake

Light bulb heat would cook the treats

Such fun getting sick on cake


Another toy that comes to mind

Was a simple plastic boat

We’ d put it in the bathtub

But it never seemed to float


The toy that finally suited us

Was made from plastic too

My sister and I would fight all day

As all siblings should do

With Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots

We fought over who would be red

No broken legs resulted though

I’d just knock off her head

The Daily Post, June 22, 2015, Daily Prompt: Toy Story~ What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?<a href=””>Toy Story</a><a href=””>Toy Story</a>

7 thoughts on “Toys  Back Then

      1. I’ll post a picture one of these days. Well, of what remains. I always thought I had a Betsy Wetsy, but your picture convinced me I didn’t. What I had was a Tiny Tears. No diapers to change! Although I sorta think she wet her diapers as well now that I think of it. When I exhume the body from one of the high shelves in my studio, if nether regions still exist, I’ll examine the remains and let you know.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have no remnants of my childhood toys. We moved many times and my parents purged. The photos I posted are off the internet. I did Google tiny tears, and I do remember it now. I wonder what my kids would do without their electronics.


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