Big Wheel Turning

Almost a decade ago, one of my children wanted a pet hedgehog. (Don’t try this at home.) I don’t know where the idea originated, but she did all the research online, and presented her opening statement. I countered with a list of previous pets, all of which ended up in my care, and I didn’t want anymore responsibilities. She was relentless, my eight year old genius. I dismissed the case to be reopened at a later date hoping she’d forget. She didn’t forget. She saved her birthday and Christmas money. I capitulated, surrendering to her resolve, and I regretted that decision every day of the three years that poor beast lived.

We had two giant breed dogs at the time, and the hedgehog could smell them. Hedgehogs do not typically bite, (that still doesn’t make them good pets), but fear made Otis a biter. Once he’d sink his long sharp fangs into your flesh, he wouldn’t let go. As a result, he was left to himself to sleep all day, and at night he came to life. Otis ran on his wheel every night, and as he ran, he pooped… constantly. So, the wheel would spin, and he would poop and run over his poop. This went on and on all night, every night. Come morning, I’d have a very stinky wheel, covered with dried on smashed poop.

It is a beautiful thing to have a purpose. During that period of my life my purpose seemed to be scraping dried hedgehog poop off a plastic wheel.

Long term however, parenting has been my purpose, and as everyone knows, it is replete with rewards and heart aches. The sacrifice merits no mention by me, because I knew the monumental responsibility I was taking on. My sister and I practically raised my brother who was ten years my junior, and twelve years her junior, while my parents both worked from sun up to sundown, so I knew. What I didn’t know when I decided to take parenthood on was that I would end up in it alone.

I digress. Back to Otis the hedgehog. The reason I mention him is that I’ve often felt that my life runs parallel to that which was the life of our dearly departed Otis- who never got where he was going. I run on a big wheel, and when I stop to check my progress, it appears that all I have to show for my effort is poop on my shoes. Now however, after these nineteen years on my parenting wheel, when I stop to look around, I see that I was actually covering ground.

Having hatched my chicks in rapid succession, they are all approaching the edge of the nest at the same time. I’m afraid for them, because I know what’s out there, but as with many things in life, there comes a point when all you can do is hope for the best…and give it to God.

My happily ever after, remains on a shelf for now, because I’m a little busy here. So, daily prompt, ask me again in a couple of years if I’m living my happily ever after.
The Daily Post, June 5, 2015, Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After~ “And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?<a href=””>Happily Ever After</a><a href=””>Happily Ever After</a>

11 thoughts on “Big Wheel Turning

  1. Might be my favorite post ever. I’m sitting in the parking lot at Krispy Kreme enjoying National Donut Day and I laughed so loudly at the image of the hedgehog and his poop-fueled run that the people in the next car laughed, too.

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  2. You are so right, Lydia. Turning a bad situation into a life lesson really can cut through the poop. Keep your positive approach to life. You’re doing a great job!

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  3. Sounds like you have the most important part — a happy right now. The busy years with kids and pets and jobs does feel as if one is spinning ones wheels. But we aren’t. It’s an age and a stage and then it’s gone. After which we all need to redefine ourselves and our goals. And what “happily ever after” means. Sounds to me like you are doing just fine. Just avoid hegehogs.

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