My Style = Oxymoron

I wear a uniform to work. Since I’m not burdened with thoughts of what to wear five days a week, my style muscle has atrophied, possibly beyond the point of recovery. 

On my days off I can typically be found sporting one of three looks:

1. The “Why bother?”:

This look is not meant for public viewing. It is for housework, and only when you expect no pop ins by friends, neighbors, or UPS delivery men. This look consists of fifteen year old black paint splattered sweatpants, an oversized wonder bread t-shirt, and worn threadbare clogs. Glasses are worn because “why bother” with contacts and makeup. Hair should be matted and worn down to complete the look.

2. The “Yes I’ll eventually go.”:

My workout clothes indicate a plan to hit the gym. Whether or not I make it there, remains to be seen. Black workout shoes, yoga pants, sports bra, top and zip up jacket. I accessorize with a bottle of water, my iPod with earphones, and most importantly, the gym ID which lends the look authenticity and the added appearance that I’ll get off the sofa. Hair must be dirty, and in a ponytail.

3. The “I’m leaving the house now.”:

This is when I’m most out of my element. I am finally to wear real clothes. I should have some in my closet, but as I’ve said many times, they’re not there. They’re on the floor in my daughters room. I have no intention of rehashing that now. What clothes I’m left with make look #1 a possible alternative. My closet contains an assortment of clothes not cool enough to be “borrowed” by my teenaged girls: mom jeans from the 1980’s, and miscellaneous ill fitting tops. Not to worry, I cover it all with a beige cardigan. On my feet, what my brother once called my clown shoes- clogs with bright stripes of various colors. To be fair they do look like clown shoes. Hair for this look is clean, and don’t be afraid to smell good. You will only be judged by your appearance. No one will get close enough to smell you. Smelling good is a selfish treat.

Perhaps it is a blessing that I wear a uniform to work. 


The Daily Post, May 14, 2015, Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man~ How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.<a href=””>The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man</a>

7 thoughts on “My Style = Oxymoron

  1. Smelling good is a selfish treat! Yes, gotta love yourself for that!
    When I’m home and expect no one to visit, I’d be in my pajamas. Cooking in pajamas. Cleaning, gardening, etc. Afterwards put on a clean pajama then bed. Haha!

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