In Food and in Life

“Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring? “

What is this question really asking? I can’t see anyone having any interest in my answer at face value, but here it is: I do love hot and spicy foods. Fascinating.

However, if this question is a metaphor, and we are talking about life, and not food, my answer changes: If indeed, as 18th century English poet William Cowper wrote, “variety is the spice of life”,  then my life is naked and raw, which sounds very sexy- but honestly when I say naked and raw, I’m visualizing unseasoned uncooked vegetables- my life. This is not good.

I’ve learned an inestimable lesson here this morning. In food and in life, one can never have enough spice. My life needs to emulate my food. I need more spice in my life. I must try to align my personal life with my cooking. To accomplish this, to quote chef Emeril Lagasse, I’ll “kick it up a notch”- my life, and be a bit hotter and spicier; and then perhaps someday I’ll be truly naked and raw, but not like uncooked unseasoned vegetables.


The Daily Prompt, April 24, 2015, Daily Post: Ring of Fire~ <a href=””>Ring of Fire</a><a href=””>Ring of Fire</a>

7 thoughts on “In Food and in Life

  1. If spice means excitement, does fighting an hour of traffic on the highway count? We are about to embark on yet another excursion to the more citified areas of our fair Commonwealth. Drivers will pass us at warp speed, ride our rear bumper in an attempt to get us to get out of their way (they pass, then slow down … it’s the principle) …We will have 10 near catastrophic experiences just traveling to another town. Spicy?

    But I use hot sauce in my cooking. I’m sneaky about it, but it’s there. Yum.

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