Today we are discussing~

Today we analyze “supercalifradjilisticexpialidocious”- that’s good… really good, and its effects on (my) human behavior. Lets compare some really good news that I’ve recently received, to a pretty good thing I’ve recently experienced, and study my comparative reactions to said events.

1.Tax refunds are really good, supercalifradjilisticexpialidocious, in fact. My reaction to my tax refund this year was an overwhelming feeling of relief, followed by thoughts of what bills I could pay first.

2. Finding the pair of tweezers I lost seven months ago was good, but not really good, however, my reaction to this was much the same as the tax refund. I initially had an overwhelming feeling of relief, followed by thoughts of which hairs to pluck first. 

In conclusion, good news is good news. I process the information, and get on with it.


The Daily Post, April 7, 2015, Daily Prompt: Supercalifradjilisticexpialidocious~You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

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5 thoughts on “Today we are discussing~

    1. It’s when the government takes too much out of your paycheck for taxes, and they hold on to your money for up to a year without paying you interest. Then in April, you tear your guts out filing a claim with hopes of getting some of it back.


      1. Oh, yeah, so that’s what it’s like. Yeah, I think I remember waaaaaaay back when I had enough taken out of my check to get one of those. A grand total of $60. Usually, I am flat-broke for a month because I owe. This, and I’m a public servant.

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