Please Repeat

Expect the worst is my advice.

Allow extra time to do things twice.

The first time I do things, they’re never right.

Consider these three examples I site:  

1. To get a work badge for my employment, 

forms complete with an  appointment, 

the forms they find are filled out wrong,

so it’s back to start where I belong.

2. When with my teens are home I say

something once, then without delay, 

I repeat it twice and then again,

it’s still not enough. For them to listen-  

my phone must text them into submission.

3. I stop for groceries, but forget my list

without fail the main ingredient is missed.

If the sun, moon and stars were to align,

the task completed the first time just fine,

shock would cause my heart to fibrillate,

that would be my end without debate. 


The Daily Post, March 31, 2015, Daily Prompt: Tag Line~Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?<a href=””>Tagline</a&gt;<a href=””>Tagline</a&gt;

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