To Save the Book

Adrift, my thoughts are faraway as my eyes glide along the pages of a book. To escape the realities of the mundane, and be dropped into another existence, watch history unfold, live an adventure, find romance- that is what makes reading my entertainment of choice. The best thing about reading is that your mind completes the story with your choice of images, smells, sounds. The imagination of the reader is what makes reading a form of entertainment unlike film and theater. 

I have my favorite books. Some I’ve re-read so many times the bindings have given way, and I’ve had to buy the books again. I feel protective of these books. 

When the news comes out that the rights to one of my favorite books have been sold, and “they” are making it a movie, I’m never happy. There is no imagination required to watch a movie. It’s all laid out for the viewer, with no room for embellishment, and worst of all, they’re most likely going to murder my own mental images. Someone else’s vision of the book will be the murder weapon.  Will the casting be right? I’ve often wondered after seeing the movie version of a book if these people even read the book. They can’t possibly understand it like I do. 
That book in my head will not translate to film without my input. I suppose if it’s going to be done, the director, in theory, has the most creative control the over the final product. So that’s who I’d need to be, the director… to save the book, because I did read it.
Today’s prompt asks: If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

4 thoughts on “To Save the Book

  1. Very true. When we read a book, there is no bound to our imaginations. But in movies everything is already done for us, which is kinda boring.

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