Threats is it?

I need no filter. I can write anything I want to write on this blog. Why is that you ask? I’ll tell you. Because of all of the hundreds of people who follow my blog, all but six are strangers. Of the elite group of people whom I do know in real life, all have been been offered the opportunity to read my posts, but only six care to do so. This number includes all of my Facebook “friends”. I should feel- what… sadness at this lack of support? Au contraire. I feel deep in my core, a supreme freedom of speech high, and I will inhale deeply. Screw my political aspirations; don’t bogart that freedom of speech my friend. What are the others missing?

This is just a taste:
I never liked jello, yes your ass looked fat, he tried to kiss me after he dropped you off, bear didn’t go live on a farm, you were adopted, I know who gave you crabs, I was not only the pretty one- I was the smart one, I know whose earring that is, I am your father, the cure for cancer is…
I name names, and I’m just getting warmed up… so maybe you should read my blog- friend.
*this is a work of bitter sarcasm people- grow up
___________________________The Daily Post, March 29, 2015, Daily Prompt: What a Twist- Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.<a href=””>What a Twist!</a><a href=””>What a Twist!</a>

3 thoughts on “Threats is it?

  1. I’m in the same boat. Very few of my real-life friends read my blog. That used to make me sad, now it just makes me feel empowered. The funny thing is, my blog posts aren’t nearly as political as my Facebook posts are, and these ‘friends’ read and argue with me on Facebook.
    Keep being real!

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