Failure is Not an Option

Were I guaranteed not to fail I’d:

I’d finish writing my book, and since I’m guaranteed not to fail, I’d have the funds to pay for my children’s college educations, so off they’d go to the best of the best schools.

Meanwhile, I’d quit my job, sell my house, and migrate west toward the sunshine and warmth that are sorely lacking in my pocket of the world. I’d meet a gorgeous buff man with tattoos and piercings, (not usually my type). I’d ride with him on his Harley to Sturgis, then break his heart because I’d be bored and kind of disgusted with that scene. Meh, live and learn. Time to move on. 

I’d start book 2 in what my publisher insists must be a series due to its wild success. I’d drink good coffee as I write, while taking in my view of the Bay Area.

Me time would be real. I’d travel Europe. First, I’d jump out of an airplane in Spain, a tandem dive with my guide, Thor strapped to my back,  and pull the parachute cord at the last possible second, while laughing at fate. After that, I’d hang glide off the edge of a mountain in Italy with my new friend Aldo. We’d part ways, and I’d head to Greece, say hello to my cousins, and parasail over the Aegean with Yani, another new friend.  Finally, I’d braid my hair and clog dance across Northern Europe… all the while keeping my eyes peeled for my imaginary British boyfriend.

Failure not an option… I’d own clog dancing.


The Daily Post 

March 10, 2015

Daily Prompt

Too Big to Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

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