Suburban Flavor…

New York has its bagels and Chicago its hot dogs, while Wisconsin proudly offers up it’s cheese curds, but for a truly diverse dining experience, you must visit a suburb in the Midwest section of the United States. The local fare may be best sampled in the Subway Sandwich shop located inside any suburban Walmart store. There, you will dine on anything from a falafel sandwich on pita bread, to a meatball sandwich on Italian cheese bread.

When you’ve had your fill, grab a cart and stock up on sweaters scarves gloves and coats. Layers are the new black here, as the biting cold will latch on to you, and not let go until spring arrives in mid May.

You have timed your visit perfectly, because the true essence of the Midwest suburbs must be experienced mid February. Defiled snow mounds bedazzle walkways, as parking lots are festooned with salt covered cars. Take a drive in one of these cars to view the bleak grey skies through dirty car windows. The charm of frozen windshield wiper lines will warm your heart. You can’t open these windows, because they’re frozen shut, but really there’s nothing else to see here.

The palpable affection among local residents can be glimpsed in fleeting moments, such as when a local man yells at a grocery store clerk because he can’t find his credit card. The sentiment here seems to be: “We knew if we kept our mouths shut long enough, someone else would move here”.

Suburban flavor… An oxymoron? Perhaps.
The Daily Post
February 23, 2015
Daily Prompt
Local Flavor
Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

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4 thoughts on “Suburban Flavor…

  1. Okay, now that I’ve stopped laughing … You may be suburban while we are exurban, but there are not so many differences. We share the Walmart Experience, after all. And layering. I was still concerned with looking good when I moved to New England. One winter later, all I cared about were boots with a good tread and water-proofing, and how big do I have to buy the coat to fit three sweaters under it?

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