Why So Grave?

My favorite line in the song “Sheep Go To Heaven” by Cake, is:
“As soon as you’re born, you start dying, so you might as well have a good time.”

This thinking puts us all on equal footing. We are all at the same disadvantage: the twenty something’s and the geriatrics, and me. Like it or not, we are all dying.

As with every thought, it’s been thought before. Omar Khayyam, in the eleventh century said “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
-Life is fleeting, so enjoy it. It’s the same basic premise.

The Cake lyric is the scarier of the two quotes. It refers to a lifetime of aging; and really, what’s scarier, aging or dying? The answer for many is aging. The thriving industry devoted to obviating the aging process is a testament to that. Men and women of all ages are aggressively seeking a cure for the visible symptoms of aging.

It is a futile effort, and there is a fine line between maintaining a youthful appearance, and ruining what you started with. We’ve all seen people who have gone to far. The sad thing is how young some of these turtles are, who tampering with their shells. Why can’t we just leave well enough alone, and focus on what’s under the shell- be healthy?

My aging strategy is to continue the following: eat smart, exercise, maintain a relationship with my dentist, stay out of the sun.

The only other thing I would consider would be to eventually move to a zero gravity community. (Imagine no pull, no captain bring down.) I’ve always said, we would all be happier if we just lightened up.
Nov 8, 2014
Let It Be
A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?

7 thoughts on “Why So Grave?

  1. My face has resembled a road map since I turned thirty and it continues to create new ruts and paths every day. I thought about plastic surgery once, but the cost was unattainable, so my character lines continue to meet me in the mirror each day. I’ve kinda grown to like them!

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