Slow Down

Given a choice, what in my life would I like to fast forward,
and what would I like to slow down? I can’t choose only one thing…

List A- Speed up:

1) My long drive home from work, when I’m always behind someone who, unlike me, has no place to go

2) The crowded bus ride that forces me to listen to people’s extremely personal phone conversations, (an almost daily occurrence)

3) The airplane ride in which I unfailingly occupy a middle seat

4) The teenager who resembles me, having a panicky tantrum over having “nothing to wear”

5) Cooking

6) Cleaning

7) Work

8) Working Out

List B- Slow down:

1) Fun

I am a fun happy person, so I’ve been told. As such, in theory I could make toilet scrubbing seem like a birthday party game. That being the case, everything on list A should be on list B

1) The drive home from work: is when I listen to my books on tape. I have been known to sit and wait in my car once the ride has finished, to hear the chapters end. Entertainment fun

2) The bus ride: over hearing personal phone conversations provides me with material to file away for later use. Research fun

3) The middle seat on an airplane: that is when I hone my super power- my super human sense of smell. I can tell what every fetid human being in a six foot radius has eaten in the past four hours. Super hero fun

4) The panicky teen tantrum: it’s so fleeting and I know I’ll miss it, so let’s not speed that up. Bittersweet fun

5) Cooking: a good time to practice singing… Sorry kids. Annoyingly fun

6) Cleaning: yet another opportunity to sing along to my tunes. More annoying fun.

7) Work: my social hours. Fun with friends.

8) Working out: an opportunity to read, and another opportunity to study and take notes on the human condition-
like yesterday, when a huge man flew off the back of a treadmill, landing on his rear end. The sound this created, like Thor’s (Norse God of Thunder) hammer coming down- BOOM, but no one noticed or heard this, except me. Twilight Zone fun

Really, it’s all fun isn’t it? So slow it all down.
Nov 1, 2014
Pace Oddity
If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

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