Halloween Memories

In the days prior to VCR, DVD, Video on Demand, or DVR, entertainment meant going to the movies, theater, or watching television. My typical source of entertainment was television. If I wasn’t home when my show aired, I missed it- end of story.

A typical Halloween when I was little meant that after minimal candy begging, we would go home, survey our loot, and let anticipation simmer to a slow rolling boil.

We ordered pizza, a big treat for us, and ate. Then we’d sit on the floor in front of the huge box that was our television… but not too close, because if we sat too close we’d go blind, and then we wouldn’t be able to watch television ever again. Then we waited for the movie to start.

On those nights, as was an annual Fall custom, they (the television Gods) would air “The Wizard of Oz”. You had to wait a whole year to see it again, so you paid attention.

I remember the anger I felt at Dorothy’s Aunt and Uncle when they didn’t stand up to the shrew who took her dog. I remember the point when the movie went from black and white, (Kansas), to a burst of vivid color (the other side of the rainbow). I remember being afraid of the witch, the tree’s, and the flying monkeys. I remember Judy Garland’s beautiful voice. I remember the happy weird ending, and the deep sadness I felt when the movie was over… done for another year.

Fall with its crisp cold air and the vibrant colored leaves that give a satisfying crunch under foot, is a reminder of past Halloweens. That night is almost upon us again. My thoughts are on the escape of watching a great movie, and ordering pizza for dinner. Time to buy some candy.
Oct 23, 2014
Ready, Set, Done
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6 thoughts on “Halloween Memories

  1. I too, can remember the anger I felt when they took Toto away (actually when I watch it these days I am still ticked and expecting a different reaction from the Aunt and Uncle). The transition from black and white to color is like an explosion on screen. The deep golds, blues, greens and red jumped off the screen and grabbed me with such force and surprise. Thank you very much for the trip back in time 🙂

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