My “Boyfriend”

I’ve said this before
I don’t mean to bore
You with another lamentation
About a boyfriend
Who’s real but pretend
It is a pathetic situation

The companion I see
Looks like Fitzwilliam Darcy
And played him on BBC- for what it’s worth
He is quite a find
In my warped mind
My imaginary boyfriend is Colin Firth

He does exist
So I should desist
Because Colin Firth is taken
In real life
He has a wife
But we share six degrees of separation:

I know someone
Who met someone
Who worked on a film in which he played a king
You’d be blind
And also unkind
If you didn’t see that that means something

Means exactly what
Don’t ask me that
But this picture is the screensaver on my phone
That right there
Means he must care…
Honestly, we’ve never met and I may die alone

Oct 22, 2014
Imaginary Friend
Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.)

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