A Snack On The Loch

Frogs lead you down the hill to a creek
Follow the flow of the water that reeks
Pass a dead carp on the shore
Walk til you smell it no more
A winding road is what you now seek

Turn right on the road that you found
Look for a park with a playground
There is a lake there too
Take my kayak- it’s blue
Wear the life vest so you don’t drown

Now launch the boat into the lake
Paddle west and soon you’ll partake
Of a snack and a drink
If your smart though I think
You’ll drive cause I saw a snowflake.
Oct 18, 2014
Circuitous Paths
A stranger knocks on your door, asking for directions from your home to the closest gas station (or café, or library. Your pick!). Instead of the fastest and shortest route, give him/her the one involving the most fun detours.

2 thoughts on “A Snack On The Loch

  1. That last line reminded me of what happens here when a leaf hits the railway line in the UK… the entire system grinds to a halt. The tannoy explanation for a train stopping unexpectedly has actually been ‘…because there are leaves on the line.’ 😀 So can you imagine what happens when we see a snowflake flutter onto the lines? 😉

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